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Mahaja Arts Artist Statement

As modern technology takes over our world and changes our lives, we tend to leave our beautiful and ancient ways behind. We begin to look at the world from a different lens with modern technology speeding us along and pushing us to live a fast life. The indigenous people and their stories are quickly being forgotten. As artists we can capture a moment in history and preserve it for future generations. One of the ways we can do that is by depicting indigenous people and their traditional way of life in various mediums.

In my paintings I made portraits of many different tribal people in their different regalia ranging from a high classed profile to a low class profile. I am influenced by indigenous African people because that is where I’m from and you can see that reflected in my art works. To show the rawness of indigenous life in my artwork I use strong textures and bold colors. The variety of skins tones found in the world captivate me and I play with the colors in my artwork. I enjoy the details found in different indigenous tribes- jewelry, headpieces, tribal marks all of which are very different from tribe to tribe, but these key accessories are universal.

My interest for indigenous tribes and their lost stories goes deep. With my senior exhibition I hope to instil passion into those who see my artwork, Passion to take the time and learn about these tribes that are struggling to survive with the rise of modern technology and passion to tell our stories to keep our roots alive.

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